About us

Founded by Andy Nguyen, a passionate person working in social tourism for 20 years from 1997. To day He connects with local Guides, Drivers, and local community to train and help them to engage in an sharing travel economy. We love to bring you extra value by each of our local life style and their experience.  we love to share this with you as well connect to local people for a deeper and mutual understanding.

Andy’s Story

Every day, we go on a trip hoping to bring good things to both travelers and us, life of our local people!

Like any of us working in tourism, Andy started as a local tour guide in 1997, from very first time he met Martin Sanders and Annie Coudevile, a couple from Belgium. They soon engaged in each other’s as a whole family and like Andy said “that is the most honoring and god’s gift to him”

He then worked in some travel agencies, in position of tour guide and tour leader, for Imaginative Travelers, Travel Bags, Intrepid… Before being the tour manager for Buffalo-Tours in Ho Chi Minh City’s office.

In 2005, He left Buffalo-Tour and a year later Asiana Travel Mate was founded by him and other two friends, He was leading this local Travel company to much of succeed with consecutively 5 years as winner of the guide awards as the best community tour operator, by Vietnam economic times. In 2009 he moved to Hue Imperial city and settled down there.

Asia City Tours is a new travel project from Andy with his goal to bring more local suppliers including hotels, Tour Guide, Drivers… to directly share with travelers as idea of travel economy sharing business.

Our Mission to connect and empower local community by travelling – Connect One at a time but for a sustainable community tourism to local where we are.

Expect More Than Travel

We’re not just passionate for travel, but everything else that goes with local community experience. We also offer a deeper local life style experience.

It’s not unusual to attract travelers to our website, finding some services, book some tours…, but we’re connecting to any local who love to learn to share their stories as a part of the daily routine, and we couldn’t be happier about it to connect you to them.

We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity – from our commitment to the highest quality of travel, to the way we engage with our travelers and local communities to do travel more sharing and responsible.